There is an undeniable ancient and natural healing energy on the property that lends itself perfectly towards all forms of transformative, spiritual and physical retreats. The seamless immersion into the surrounding nature combined with specifically designed wellness facilities, room amenities, food offerings and lovingly cared for gardens all work together to create a tranquil space for mindful reflection, spiritual growth, and physical rejuvenation.

The Yin and The Yang, an Angala Yoga Retreat!

Are you unclear where your life is taking you?
Do you constantly feel fatigued?
Do you battle with negative thoughts?

Look no further, Mandy and Anoushka have designed a 101-weekend recovery plan for you. Lots of yoga, swimming delicious fresh vegetarian food and much more.

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“I am” Retreat

“I am” Retreat

Inspiring wellness for body, mind and spirit
Transformative Retreats Inspiring wellness of body, mind and spirit for the Expansion of your Unique Human Potential. A retreat with a difference to help you to master the techniques to thrive. Qualified Integrative Medical Psychiatrist, Dr Shiv Dawson and Corporate Visionary, Megan Abbott host a curated journey of discovery.